A Message from HUBL?

After the events of HUBL, BUBL and TRUBL we haven’t seen, or heard, from HUBL.

Until now! They sent an emergency transmission during one of our TerraTech Dev Livestreams with a mysterious message. They’re off-planet and require assistance.

Where have they been all this time? What have they been doing? What can we possibly do to help?

Since then they have sent numerous other messages that don’t seem to make any sense.

Can you help us piece it all together? Here is a chronological list of what has happened… so far

Part 1

During our weekly Dev Livestream on 24th January, this happened:

Part 2

A new channel appeared on our Discord Server called “hubl-comms” and a user by the name of NotHUBL posted this

Part 3

The monthly TerraTech Steam Workshop Highlights video was posted. It featured a Mod that was uploaded to Steam by user NotHUBL.

Part 4

The weekly Tech of the Week featured a familiar-looking Tech.

Part 5

NotHUBL updated their About Me section on Discord to this.

They also added the following emojis as a reaction to a post about it:


That’s everything. What does it all mean? The answer has got to be there somewhere!

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