An Update on Update 1.5.2

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with some not-so-good news for you I’m afraid. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to delay Update 1.5.2, aka The Community Update, for TerraTech. The reason is a bit long and tedious but the TL;DR is that due to a major bug creeping its way into the last TT_Unstable version we’re going to bundle the content that was going into 1.5.2 into what would have been Update 1.5.3. This effectively means that rather than having two awesome updates there will be one super awesome update, just a bit later than you may have been expecting. We’ll have more info on when the update will be released in the near future but in the meantime, if you’d like to play around with the content that would have gone into this release you can have a look at the latest TT_Unstable Version. Details on how you can access the TT_Unstable version can be found here:

NOTE: The bug occurs if the host of a Co-op Campaign game saves and restarts a server. When loading that save there will be lost Blocks and Techs. So if you do want to play around with the new content maybe stay away from the Co-op Campaign for now, otherwise, you may lose Blocks and/or Techs. You can always revert back to the latest Stable Release, Update 1.5.1, to continue your Co-op Campaign.

So just to recap, here is the list of content that is now going into Update 1.5.2 (just a bit later than we planned):

    • Force Gizmos
    • Command Inputs
    • Player Death Marker
    • Tech will now load if there are blocks missing from the Snapshot
    • Improved C&S Block placements/rotation
    • Removed Attach Points behind the camera 
    • Ban players in Co-op Modes
    • Skip Powerup & Player Indestructible options available in R&D
    • Undo Send to SCU when Techs are far away
    • Performance optimisation to C&S internals
    • Updated Co-op chatbox
    • Improved photo mode
    • In Co-op, a player’s tech is unloaded from the world when they disconnect. Rejoining the server will restore their Tech
  • Co-op Missions including:
    • Crafty Mike Missions
    • Big Yellow Mining Missions
    • C&S Missions 1&2

(Items in Bold are what was meant to go in Update 1.5.3)

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