Space Junkers – New Blocks!

With the arrival of Space Junkers just over the horizon, we wanted to highlight some of the new blocks that will be arriving with the new Corporation. The Chainslicer For those times you need to tear something apart with relentless precision – Introducing The Chainslicer! The Cog Jammer The Space Junkers Cog Jammer is perfect … Read more

A Message from HUBL?

After the events of HUBL, BUBL and TRUBL we haven’t seen, or heard, from HUBL. Until now! They sent an emergency transmission during one of our TerraTech Dev Livestreams with a mysterious message. They’re off-planet and require assistance. Where have they been all this time? What have they been doing? What can we possibly do … Read more

Patch Notes – Update 1.5.4

Hey Prospectors, We’ve got a new Update for you! Update 1.5.4 includes a much-requested new Snapshot Folder system as well as some new Graphics Options. New Feature: Snapshot Folders Quality of Life Changes: Added Vsync and Max Framerate settings to Graphics Options Allow TimeOfDay commands to be used in Co-op Added Map.RevealArea and Map.Sync … Read more

Console Update – Patch Notes

We recently released an update on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch. Here are the Patch Notes for this update: New Biome Wasteland Biome New Skin Roman GSO Skin New Blocks Hawkeye Fort Blocks Venture Radars GeoCorp Resource Radar GSO Armour Blocks Reticule Research Electric Precision Ray Reticule Research Brackets New Feature World Map Quality … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.5.3 New Block: Reticule Research Damage Sensor New Blocks (R&D Labs Only): Reticule Research Fastener Core Reticule Research Fastener Link Reticule Research Proximity Sensor Quality of Life Changes: Adjustment thrusters now count towards ‘thrust’ instead of ‘boost’ Force vectors now hide when the force is canceled out Stop Blocks from being grabbable during undo animation … Read more

An Update on Update 1.5.2

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with some not-so-good news for you I’m afraid. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to delay Update 1.5.2, aka The Community Update, for TerraTech. The reason is a bit long and tedious but the TL;DR is that due to a major bug creeping its way into the last TT_Unstable version we’re going … Read more

TerraTech Development Update

Hello Prospectors! We’ve been very busy lately with various different secrets, but here’s one we’ve been working on that we’re very excited to share with you… Have you heard of a little thing called ‘co-op crafting’? 😮 Before we get into that, however, we’d like to thank everyone who answered our recent player survey. The … Read more

Circuits & Systems Release Notes – Update 1.5

Hey Prospectors, Circuits & Systems is available NOW! There are loads of Logic, Signal, Value, and Output Blocks to tinker with and build some awesome Techs. New Blocks: Reticule Research Spotlight Reticule Research Anchored Ramp The following blocks have been graduated from R&D Labs to the Main Game: Reticule Research Black Wire Reticule Research … Read more

Circuits & Systems FAQ

What is Circuits & Systems? Circuits & Systems is a series of automation tools and blocks that you can use to create really fun and new gameplay scenarios and techs for yourself, such as timed races or automated doors. These new blocks will allow you to be extra creative, and build things that you never … Read more