Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.25

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you. To celebrate the Lunar New Year we’ve added some Eastern-inspired cosmetic blocks. These include the Lantern, Fireworks Launcher and Dragon Blocks. We’ve also added the first set of Circuits and Systems Blocks to R&D for you to test out. New Blocks: Eastern Dragon Head Eastern … Read more

Circuits & Systems – Ouput Blocks

We round off the intro to Circuits & Systems blocks by taking a closer look at the Output Blocks. So let’s delve into it, shall we? So what’s included in the output blocks? Output blocks include the actuating gate, the actuating ramp, the white pixel, the RGB pixel and the stopwatch. How does the actuating … Read more

Circuits & Systems – Logic Blocks

Welcome back to another installment of the Circuits & Systems blog. This week we’re looking at logic blocks, which are a little more complicated than anything we’ve discussed so far. If you’ve ever played around with programming, you probably have an idea already – but whether you have or not, don’t worry! We’re here to … Read more

Circuits & Systems – Carrier and Wireless Blocks

Welcome back to our Circuits & Systems blog series! This time we’re learning about wireless blocks and carrier blocks – which are important blocks, likely to be used in almost everything you build. So what’s included in these blocks? The wireless blocks include the signal transmitter and the signal receiver. The carrier blocks are the … Read more

Circuits & Systems – Input Blocks

Welcome to the first in our Circuits & Systems block series! This week, we’ll be telling you all about the basic – and necessary – input blocks. As we said in the previous blog, we’re starting small, and showcasing the easier blocks in order to ease you into it. Then we’ll get bigger and better … Read more

Damage vs Damageable Types

TerraTech Update 1.4.22 introduced some really useful quality-of-life improvements, including a new quick select feature and new damage and damageable types in block descriptions. We’ve had some questions on what exactly the damage and damageable types are so I wanted to take this opportunity to explain these concepts in more detail. The Damage Type is … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.22

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you. Add some gladiatorial guise to your GSO Techs with the new Roman Skin. We’ve added the Damage and Damageable types of each block to their Block Descriptions. You can now Quick Select blocks by using the middle mouse button. Enjoy! New Skin: Roman GSO Skin … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.21

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you. Add some extra protection to your Techs with seven new GSO armor blocks. There’s also a new GSO multi-light panel too! Mix up your Reticule Research Techs with six new brackets to give you even more variety in your building. Reticule Research have also developed … Read more