Welcome the to Wasteland

The latest TerraTech Update 1.4.20 introduced a whole new biome to TerraTech, The Wasteland! This post aims to delve into the story of how the biome came to exist as well as shed some light on our future plans for the Wasteland. https://youtu.be/OBFsMqkHVyo TerraTech has always been a Community Driven game. This means we take … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.20

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you. Welcome to the Wasteland! There’s a whole new biome to discover and explore. The Wasteland introduces Scrap Piles, a new way to harvest component parts. You can finally find those elusive resource seems with the help of the Resource Radar. There are also Hawkeye Fort … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.19

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you! Add some fortification to your bases with the new Hawkeye Fort blocks. Additional uses include: Extra beefy armour for your Techs A paper weight Enjoy! New Blocks: Hawkeye Small Fort Anchor Hawkeye Medium Fort Anchor Hawkeye Large Fort Anchor Hawkeye Small Fort Wall Hawkeye Medium … Read more

Console Update 23/06 – Patch Notes

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch Updates! Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new Console Update for you! Here are the patch notes for:  Xbox Version PlayStation 4 Version 1.08 Switch Version Version 1.0.6 NEW BLOCKS Hawkeye Cyclops Laser Hawkeye Quad Railgun GeoCorp Nail Gun GeoCorp Catapult GeoCorp Scrap Gun GeoCorp Mortar Reticule Research … Read more

Tech of the Week – Hall of Fame

Hey Prospectors, Matt here with something new to show you. I’m super excited to introduce you to the Tech of the Week Hall of Fame! So what is this all about? You may or may not know that every week we pick a Tech from the Steam Workshop to be Tech of the Week. There is … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.18

Release Notes – Update 1.4.18 Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you! GeoCorp have got even more flight blocks with this update. Including new propellers, jet engines, and wings! There is also a brand new block, The Mass Modifier! It can change the mass of itself! Who said the laws of physics … Read more

Using Twitter

Share your Techs with Twitter TerraTech allows you to share your vehicle designs with friends via Twitter. Here’s how it works.  You’ve built some awesome Techs and can now share them for other TerraTech players to admire and try out. Or you’ve seen other players’ Techs and want to try them out for yourself. Here’s … Read more

Modding Guidelines

Modding Guidelines With the introduction of official mod support in TerraTech, we’ve outlined the guidelines that we expect our modding community to adhere to. If you create a mod using the tools that we have provided you agree to follow these guidelines. They work alongside our End User License Agreement (EULA) and in the event … Read more

Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.16

Release Notes – Update 1.4.16 Hey Prospectors, Matt here with a new update for you! GeoCorp are taking to the skies! They’ve got 10 new flight blocks to help them in their aeronautical endeavors. Also, GSO have got 4 new Explosive Bolts that allow you to activate them sequentially (one after the other). Enjoy! New … Read more

Stream Schedule

This Week’s Stream This is what we will be streaming this week. Stream for the Week of 14th August Wednesday 16th August New Stuff tm 4pm GMT We take a look at some of the awesome New Stuff tm that’s coming to TerraTech in the Community Update. To find what time the Stream will start … Read more