An Update on the Xbox One and PS4 Update

By Matt Guest, posted 6th June 2019

Here’s a look at what we’ve been working on for the upcoming Xbox One and PS4 update.

Better Future

The latest corporation to be added to TerraTech, Better Future, will be included in this update. With 140+ new blocks there are too many to list, so here are some of the highlights:


Reduce the effects of gravity on your tech so it can float.

Block Controller Switch

Anti-gravity, Shield Bubbles, Repair Bubbles and Hover Pads can be independently turned on and off.

Sky Anchors

Allows you to anchor your tech from in the air so you can create the sky base of your dreams.

Co-op Creative

Play with up to 3 friends to create your craziest contraptions.

Alternative Skins

Each corporation will have its own custom unique skin to use in all game modes.

Custom Control Schemes

You can now customise game controls for different types of vehicles.

We have also included plenty of design tweaks and bug fixes in this update. We’ll have more info on these, as well as exactly what blocks will be added, when the update is released.