Roadmap Update February 2020

By Russ Clarke, posted 17th February 2020

Hello Prospectors!

With 2020 now in full swing and Reticule Research officially confirmed, it's time for a roadmap update.

First off, let's talk about the roadmap process itself. Roadmaps are notoriously difficult to keep accurate, especially for long-lifetime games. We know that some past updates have gone out of date pretty fast, and there are things we've talked about - as long term ambitions for TerraTech - which we are no closer to realising now than we were a year ago. We absolutely do not want that to happen again.

So, we are changing how we present the roadmap, to avoid giving the impression of promising things that might not be delivered. From now on, we will keep the roadmap short-term, and only discuss things we are either actively working on, or definitely starting in the near future. If we do want to mention something which might come to TerraTech 'one day', we will be clear that this is not a guaranteed roadmap item, just a discussion point for the future.

With all that said, these are our current priorities:

  1. Reticule Research in Campaign

    You asked for it, we heard you :) For those who missed it, here is the announcement.

    Please be aware that this will take a fair bit of work, so it's not going to happen next update; but we are working on it actively, and you will see it this year.

  2. Mod Support.

    By popular demand! The mod community has been incredibly active in the last couple of years, and it's time we gave them some support. Broadly speaking this will focus on quality of life improvements to the workflow of creating, publishing and maintaining mods, as well as making it easier for everyone to access and enjoy them.

    Look out for a more detailed update in due course. To catch up with the latest discussion, head over to Discord.

  3. Missions, Blocks and Skins.

    In parallel with the above features, we aim to maintain a steady flow of additional content, so you will see something new every milestone.

Console players: we haven't forgotten you! There are several updates in the pipeline, including a PS4 release with Skin packs and Co-op Campaign (next few weeks), a massive Switch update which adds Multiplayer and Better Future (later this Spring), and the upgraded R&D Lab coming soon to all consoles.

Check our Forums with each Stable update to see what’s up next on our roadmap.