Circuits & Systems – Carrier and Wireless Blocks

Welcome back to our Circuits & Systems blog series! This time we’re learning about wireless blocks and carrier blocks – which are important blocks, likely to be used in almost everything you build.

So what’s included in these blocks?

The wireless blocks include the signal transmitter and the signal receiver.

The carrier blocks are the red wire, blue wire, green wire, black wire and one way wire. 

How do wireless blocks work?

The receiver and transmitter work in tandem with each other. Both need to be registered on a channel together. A channel is selected by clicking on the relevant block, and is used to link the two together. You could have multiple receivers on the same channel to receive the same signal, or you could use separate channels for separate transmissions.

Any number of transmitters can be linked to any number of receivers using a shared channel.

When a non-zero signal is received by a transmitter within a 480 block radius of a receiver on the same channel, that signal will be carried across and output at the same strength by said receiver.

Essentially, the transmitter wirelessly transmits an input signal over a player defined channel, and the receiver outputs a wirelessly received signal over a player defined channel.

How do carrier blocks work?

A carrier block is essentially a block that carries a signal between circuit blocks. 

This block will also glow brighter to signify a higher signal value.

Coloured wires can only be connected to other wires of the same colour.

The one way wire can be connected to any other wire, but will only carry the signal in one direction.

The carrier blocks adapt their shape to the surrounding geometry and circuit nodes.

What can I make with them?

In any one of your circuit builds, carrier blocks are going to be essential to connect your blocks together and will make the foundation of everything you do.

Wireless blocks are good to segment your circuit into different techs across a large distance.

If you created a lever to open a door and you wanted a passcode to be deciphered before allowing access, a transmitter could carry the signal to a hidden tech, do the calculations, and transmit it back to open the door for the player.

In our own builds, we’ve been using these pretty extensively so again they can be used for everything!

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