Circuits & Systems – Community Content

The initial set of Circuits & Systems Blocks hasn’t been available for even a week yet and we’re already seeing loads of really awesome Techs, Mods, and Game Saves popping up on our Discord and Steam Workshop. So we thought why not take a look at some of them?

GKJ submitted this Lunar New Year Countdown Timer to this week’s Community Core which we showcased on our weekly stream:

The TerraTech Modders have even taken a stab at making some Mods to make the C&S experience more moddy. For example, Exund’s Mod allows you to change the colour of your wires at the push of a button. It also allows you to “auto-fill” wires in place.

Exund has also made a scrollable screen using the C&S Blocks!

Or there’s hal99’s adder:

Or sognare’s Calculator which can perform single-digit addition:

Or how about KN’s Sonic Lance-propelled Tech?

So as you can see, there are already loads of really awesome things being built using the Circuits & Systems blocks. And this is just the start! We’ve got more C&S Blocks coming soon so you’ll be able to build even bigger and better things. We can’t wait to see what you can come up with.

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