Circuits & Systems – Ouput Blocks

We round off the intro to Circuits & Systems blocks by taking a closer look at the Output Blocks. So let’s delve into it, shall we?

So what’s included in the output blocks?

Output blocks include the actuating gate, the actuating ramp, the white pixel, the RGB pixel and the stopwatch.

How does the actuating gate block work?

The actuating gate is a physical gate block that extends or ‘opens’ when it receives an input signal and retracts to a resting closed state when it doesn’t receive an input signal.

It does need a consistent signal to fully extend.

How does the actuating ramp block work?

Pretty similar! The actuating ramp is a physical ramp block that extends to a certain angle when it receives an input signal and retracts to a resting closed state when it doesn’t receive an input signal.

You can also set the angle you want it to extend to. As with the gate, it also needs a consistent signal.

How does the stopwatch work?

The stopwatch is a high-level circuit block with two inputs. By using input 1, you can start or stop the UI timer. Input 2 allows you to clear or reset the timer.

For continuous counting, a continuous signal of a value of at least 1 needs to be applied to input 1. Resetting through input 2 only requires a split second of a signal.

How does the white pixel block work?

It’s pretty simple – it has one input, and if it’s receiving a signal then the block will light up white (instead of the default block colour).

How does the RGB pixel work?

The same as a real RGB pixel! To put it simply, it displays the colour value received as an input.

But here’s some more detail. The RGB pixel has three inputs, each corresponding to either the red, green or blue channels of an RGB colour value. 

If you have a single input going in red, it will light up red. If you have a single input in green, it will light up green, and if you have a single input in blue, it will light up blue.

However, you can mix it up! If you input to red and to blue, then the block will light up purple… and so on. If each channel has different signal values, it will also affect the shade – like mixing paint, if you give red a higher input value than blue, you’re adding more red into the shade.

This ranges from 0 to 9 on each input – so there are lots to play with.

What can I make with them?

With the actuating gate and actuating ramp, you can make the entrance to a fort or a ramp for the player to fly their techs over. They’re definitely very fun to play with, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with when you get your hands on them! The pixel blocks can make all kinds of things! Pixel art, dynamic displays, and so on.

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