Circuits & Systems – Value Blocks

Welcome back to the Circuits & Systems block series! Today we’re looking at value blocks…

So what’s included in the value blocks?

Value blocks include value input block, value display block, value comparison block, and arithmetic blocks.

How does the value input block work?

The value input block will take the user input value from 0 to 999 and output it as a signal on the circuit.

How does the value display block work?

The value display block will output the current value being passed through the circuit on a display, capping out at 999.

How does the value comparison block work?

The value comparison blocks will take two inputs and based on the operation the block does, it will output if that operation is true. If the operation is false, the block will not output anything.

How do arithmetic blocks work?

Arithmetic blocks will take two inputs and output the result of the mathematical operation.

What can I make with them?

Of course they can be used with the other blocks, but if you wanted to make a calculator or a for loop, these would be the blocks you would need. Value blocks are for advanced programming with the circuits.

Don’t forget to share with us what you make! We’d love to see your creations.

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