Console Update 23/06 – Patch Notes

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch Updates!

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new Console Update for you! Here are the patch notes for: 

  • Xbox Version
  • PlayStation 4 Version 1.08
  • Switch Version Version 1.0.6


  • Hawkeye Cyclops Laser
  • Hawkeye Quad Railgun
  • GeoCorp Nail Gun
  • GeoCorp Catapult
  • GeoCorp Scrap Gun
  • GeoCorp Mortar
  • Reticule Research Fixed Anchor
  • Reticule Research Rotating Anchor
  • Smiley Mask
  • Wrestler Mask
  • Clown Mask
  • Deely Ghost
  • Small Spider Web
  • Medium Spider Web
  • Large Spider Web
  • Venture Popup Dino Light
  • Venture Tail Wing Expander
  • Hawkeye Solar Panel
  • GeoCorp Solar Panel
  • GeoCorp Heavy Auto Miner
  • Better Future Arc Missile Pod
  • Crispy Tofu Block
  • Better Future eFlow Cab
  • Better Future eFlux Cab
  • GSO Cosmonaut Wide Cab
  • Hawkeye Bruiser Cab
  • Reticule Research Lookout Cab
  • Venture Cruz Wide Cab
  • Venture Flanker Cab
  • GeoCorp Magnet Switch


  • Reticule Research Window Panel
  • Reticule Research Extended Window Panel
  • Reticule Research Window Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Extended Window Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Window Corner Panel
  • Reticule Research Single Bracket Window
  • Reticule Research Duel Bracket Window
  • Reticule Research Wall Panel A
  • Reticule Research Wall Panel B
  • Reticule Research Extended Wall Panel
  • Reticule Research Wall Edge Panel
  • Reticule Research Wall Corner Panel
  • Reticule Research Bracketed Wall Panel


  • Venture Dusk Wave skin (free)
  • Venture Falcon Mecha skin (paid)


  • Magnet on/off switching
  • Activate all power solar panels and bubbles in Creative and R&D
  • Increased Anchor range and use

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