Input Commands

In Update 1.5.2 we introduced a new Quality of Life Feature: Input Commands! These are a way for players to easily make simple changes to their game with the use of commands that they input into an in-game console. This is all just a fancy way of saying we added cheat codes!

Below you’ll find a table with all the current input commands, a description of what the command does, an example of how you can use the command and if the command is available in Campaign, Co-op Campaign, Sumo or Deathmatch.

It should all be pretty self-explanatory, however, there is one thing you need to be aware of when using Input Commands. For obvious reasons, most commands are disabled in Campaign, Co-op Campaign, Sumo, Gauntlet and Deathmatch. However, if you enable the “Cheat” command in these Game Modes all input commands will become available. NOTE: If you enable the “Cheat” command while in Single Player Campaign all Steam Achievements will be unachievable for that Game Save.

To use input your Command you’ll need to activate the in-game Console. To do this just double-tap the “`” on your keyboard. From here you can input one of the Commands from the list below. While you input your Command the Console will auto-suggest the Command for you. You can scroll through the list of Commands that auto-suggest suggests by using the arrow keys and then press TAB to confirm your selection. Then just hit enter and your Command will execute.

Let’s take a look at an example:

You build an awesome Tank in Creative Mode and there are tonnes of loose Blocks around, getting in the way. You can use the Cleanup Command to easily clear all these loose Blocks.

So double-tap ` to open the in-game Console.

When you start typing the command, in this case "C", the Console auto-completes the Command with commands that also start with "C". In this case CancelCurrentQuest

You can use the arrow keys to scroll to the Command you want then hit TAB to confirm the Command.

I only want to clear an area of 50 meters around my Tech so I add 50 at the end of the Command.

Then you just hit Enter and watch all the loose Blocks disappear right before your eyes.

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