Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.20

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new update for you.

Welcome to the Wasteland! There’s a whole new biome to discover and explore. The Wasteland introduces Scrap Piles, a new way to harvest component parts.

You can finally find those elusive resource seems with the help of the Resource Radar.

There are also Hawkeye Fort Ramps to give you easy access to your bases.


Wasteland Biome:

The Wasteland Biome is now available. It features Scrap Piles, a new type of resource giver that produces Component Parts and can only be harvested with the Better Future Disk Laser.

The Wasteland Biome will appear in the following Game Modes:

  • Creative
  • Campaign
  • Co-op Creative
  • Co-op Campaign
  • R&D Labs – A new Wasteland Biome area is accessible via the Teleporter
NOTE: You will need to start a new Game Save in order for the Wasteland Biome to appear.

New Blocks:

  • GeoCorp Resource Radar
  • Hawkeye Small Fort Ramp
  • Hawkeye Wide Fort Ramp
  • Hawkeye Anchored Fort Ramp

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed GeoCorp Autominer not correctly registering when it’s placed on a resource seam
  • Fixed an issue with the audio on Venture Propellers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused you to have no weapon spread when aiming directly north, south, east, or west.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when invalid mods are requested. For example, if an item on the Steam Workshop has been incorrectly tagged as a Mod and the player tried to load it the game will crash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused modded blocks to have an incorrect death explosion.

A massive thanks to the TerraTech Modding Community for highlighting some of these bugs.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • The Skins Palette will now open with Flood Fill selected by default.
  • The Skins Palette will now remember your last selected skin when opening and closing the menu.
  • Added more biomes to Creative and Co-op Creative Game Modes

Block Adjustments:

The following blocks have had their health and weight increased:

  • Hawkeye Small Fort Anchor
  • Hawkeye Medium Fort Anchor
  • Hawkeye Large Fort Anchor
  • Hawkeye Small Fort Wall
  • Hawkeye Medium Fort Wall
  • Hawkeye Large Fort Wall
  • Hawkeye Windowed Fort Wall
  • Hawkeye Small Fort Floor
  • Hawkeye Medium Fort Floor
  • Hawkeye Large Fort Floor

Depreciated Block:

  • Reticule Research Resource Radar

This block will no longer be available in the Inventory. Techs Snapshots that already contain this block can still be loaded.

Localisation update:

Translations have been updated for various languages including updated translations for our German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese friends.

Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:

  • ThePure2HD
  • SemperAnte
  • yukke
  • 光轲

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