Patch Notes – Steam Update 1.4.21

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new update for you.

Add some extra protection to your Techs with seven new GSO armor blocks. There’s also a new GSO multi-light panel too!

Mix up your Reticule Research Techs with six new brackets to give you even more variety in your building.

Reticule Research have also developed an intriguing new Precision Ray that can harvest the Scrap Piles in the wasteland biome.

NOTE: This will replace the Better Future Disk Laser as the only tool that can harvest the Scrap Piles.


New Blocks:

  • GSO Slim Bonnet
  • GSO Slim Arch
  • GSO Curved Left Frame
  • GSO Curved Right Frame
  • GSO Small Extender
  • GSO Medium Extender
  • GSO Multi-Light Panel
  • GSO Running Board
  • Reticule Research Electric Precision Ray
  • Reticule Research Small Arched Bracket
  • Reticule Research Medium Arched Bracket
  • Reticule Research Corner Bracket
  • Reticule Research Small Flat Bracket
  • Reticule Research Medium Flat Bracket
  • Reticule Research Angled Bracket

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with Rook Creek Bridge terminal cannot be interacted with, when saving and reloading mid-mission.
  • Fixed GeoCorp Resource Radar not showing up at all in co-op inventory. Should be present but have a padlock over the icon.
  • Fixed when shot with multiple weapons, the Hawkeye Fort Blocks will unanchor instead of be destroyed.
  • Fixed Crafting Base rotating when undoing change.
  • Fixed some text strings are missing from Bomber Command SPM.
  • Fixed Spider mandibles audio not playing unless touching resource or enemy.
  • Fixed softlock crafting when game autosaves during Craftier Business mission.
  • Fixed when loading a save with and active Hawkeye Anchored Maze SCU the SCU is not correctly deployed, looking unnatural.
  • Fixed Radar does not spawn in first radar mission on specific seed.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to enter R&D.
  • Fixed swapping Tech animation is not working as expected, leaving blocks unanimated.
  • Fixed Trading Station spawned on race track causing the raceway to be slightly blocked during the race.
  • Fixed drill animation to prevent pushing the Tech back when mining
  • Fixed Crash when starting a Deathmatch game

Localisation update:

Translations have been updated for various languages including updated translations for our German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese friends.

Many thanks to the TT Translator team, in particular recent translations from:

  • ThePure2HD
  • SemperAnte
  • yukke
  • 光轲

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