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Payload Studios – Based in London, UK

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November 2013


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Payload Studios is a British independent game studio founded by Russ Clarke to develop the ultimate exploration and combat game, TerraTech.

Studio History:

Previously of London’s Ideaworks mobile studio, Payload Studios founder Russ Clarke left London’s Ideaworks mobile studio to go on his very own indie adventure in 2012.

The end result was Payload Studios, with Russ pulling in his experience from working on beloved franchises like Metal Gear, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Fable to create the first prototype for TerraTech.

After spending some time working as a consultant he returned to the TerraTech prototype to turn his vision into a full blown indie project.

The game as it stands today started its life in late 2013 and has progressed rapidly – with the team also expanding at pace, now based in Kings Cross, London – moving through to a closed beta throughout the summer of 2014 and an open beta debut on Humble in November 2014.

The game was then launched through Early Access on 6th February 2015, building on the amass of community feedback garnered over the course of the last few months.


TerraTech: The off-world adventure where you create to your heart’s content and then set out to conquer all before you.

Set amongst the stars, TerraTech – which picked up TIGA Awards for Best New IP from a Small Studio in 2014 and Best Action/Adventure game in 2015 – is the story of an Earth contending with an expanding population and environmental damage, with profit-driven multinational corporations leading the charge to seek out and colonise new planets.

Your job is to lead that assault, building contraptions and vehicles out of an array of different parts – some scavenged from others – as you look to harvest resources from your new endless, alien home to send back to Earth. This means, as well as tracking down the planet’s assets ahead of your rivals, you will also find yourself taking them on in direct combat, clearing the way for your fleet to dominate the off world.

And with said battles come the spoils of war. New vehicle parts and weapons can be scavenged from other prospectors or built from the minerals and resources you find, and by researching new technologies or buying new blueprints you can further boost your fleet’s capabilities.

TerraTech is fundamentally an exploration and combat game. Procedurally generated worlds and an almost limitless array of vehicle design and customisation make for a unique experience for every play through.

Make your vehicles as big, small, powerful, useful or just plain crazy as you like – the choice is yours. Ally yourself with one corporation and rise through the ranks to profit and glory, or hedge your bets and cherry-pick from a range of them, accessing powerful new technologies but risking more of your cash reserves to support their different energy sources.


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Selected Articles:

“Think Minecraft meets cult TV show Robot Wars.”

Link: The next Minecraft? Five contenders for sandbox stardom

Keith Stuart, The Guardian, 16th September 2014

“The fun comes from working out what you can really get away with as you bolt on hover pads, bigger wheels, boosters, even bigger wheels…”

Link: TerraTech is Digital Lego Technic With Guns

Leon Hurley, Kotaku UK, 24th June 2014

An even split between resource gatherer and combat game, where you’re an intrepid colonist working for a mega-corporation on a new world.”

Link: TerraTech: Build A Tank, Kill Other Tanks

Ben Barrett, Rock Paper Shotgun, 26th June 2014

“Despite all our experience in mobile, our track record of #1 titles, and the positive reactions our demo garners from platform owners and publishers, not to mention gamers, we don’t have a way to overcome the incredible competition in mobile.”

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