Release Notes – Update 1.6.1

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with a new Update for you! Space Junkers have expanded their prospecting empire and bring with them loads more Blocks! As well as the new Blocks, Rusty has also got some new missions for you to complete.

There are some new work-in-progress R&D Labs Blocks for you to test out, including Ornithopter wings!

We’ve also swapped some Blocks over to Space Junkers as well as made a tonne of other design tweaks, quality of life improvements and bug fixes.


New Blocks:

  • Space Junkers Scrapheap Juicer
  • Space Junkers Angled Girder
  • Space Junkers Jagged Girder
  • Space Junkers T-Shaped Girder
  • Space Junkers Debris Rover
  • Space Junkers Small Bullbar Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Medium Bullbar Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Cornered Bullbar Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Large Bullbar Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Battlecry Cab Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Warcry Cab Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Battler Cab
  • Space Junkers Fuel Tank
  • Space Junkers Armoured Radar
  • Space Junkers Rotating Anchor
  • Space Junkers Bulkhead Light
  • Space Junkers Turbo Booster
  • Space Junkers Block Magnet
  • Space Junkers Scraphead A.I Module
  • Space Junker Sticky Bomb Mortar
  • Space Junkers Hemispherical Roller
  • Space Junkers Spiked Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Spiked Corner Armour Plate
  • Space Junkers Spiked Girder
  • Space Junkers Spiked Tusk
  • Space Junkers Screw Track
  • Space Junkers Block Deconstructor
  • Space Junkers Anchored Scavenging SCU
  • Space Junkers Component Break-aparter

R&D Only

  • Reticule Research Tech Movement Axis Controller
  • Reticule Research Tech Rotation Controller
  • Reticule Research Tech Throttle Controller
  • Reticule Research Logic Toggle
  • Reticule Research Logic Latch
  • Reticule Research Logic Multiplexer
  • Reticule Research Left Ornithopter Wing
  • Reticule Research Right Ornithopter Wing

New Missions

  • Rusty’s Junkyard Quiz #1
  • Rusty’s Junkyard Quiz #2
  • Rusty’s Junkyard Quiz #3
  • Rusty’s Junkyard Quiz #4
  • Novice Junk Crafter I
  • Novice Junk Scrapper I
  • Advanced Junk Crafter I
  • Advanced Junk Crafter II
  • Advanced Junk Scrapper I
  • Advanced Junk Scrapper II
  • Expert Junk Crafter I
  • Expert Junk Crafter II
  • Expert Junk Scrapper I
  • Expert Junk Scrapper II
  • Non-unique missions to Space Junkers Progression, i.e. Gangland, Special Delivery etc…

Block Adjustments:

Note: We do not foresee these changes affecting any existing Snapshots that feature these Blocks.
  • The GeoCorp Scrap Gun, GeoCorp Catapult and Reticule Research Electric Precision Ray have moved to Space Junkers. Therefore the following changes have been made to these Blocks:
  • The Reticule Research Signal Receiver has had its antenna removed:

Design Tweaks

  • Updated Space Junkers Junkyard Spinner crafting recipe to use the correct Better Future Wheels to match its model
  • Updated Rusty Cab crafting recipe
  • Rebalanced GeoCorp Repair Bubble, so it doesn’t eat away as much power as before
  • Updated the Grade and Rarity of the majority of initial Space Junkers blocks from last update
  • Space Junkers One Block, Space Junkers Two Block & Space Junkers Four Block received a buff in HP
  • Space Junkers Geode Rumbler, Space Junkers Junkyard Rainmaker & Space Junkers Rustic Cannon received a buff in HP & DPS
  • Rebalanced Space Junkers Rubble Runner to give it more grip when driving

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Large Blocks now more gracefully enter SCUs
  • SpawnBlock Command autocomplete now includes modded block names
  • SpawnTech Command from snapshots
  • Added Space Junkers Steam Workshop tag
  • Circuits & Systems Debug. Use ‘Circuits.EnableDebugger’ in the Command Input to open the Circuits & Systems Debug panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Command Input to sometimes cause Block interaction to become unavailable
  • Fixed team lookup on Circuits & Systems Sensor Blocks to account for Multiplayer teams not being the default Single Player team
  • Fixed an issue with the mission ‘Scrapping the Surface’ where the highlighted area disappears when a player leaves the area and comes back
  • Fixed an issue where multiplayer lobby lists show sessions on other game versions
  • Fixed an issue with the cost of Space Junkers Blocks which led to harder enemies being spawned
  • Fixes to the APs of the Space Junkers Rustic Cannon, Space Junkers Chainslicer, Space Junkers Patchwork Pyroblaster & Space Junkers Sticky Bomb Mortar to be compatible with Circuits & Systems

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