Space Junkers – New Blocks!

With the arrival of Space Junkers just over the horizon, we wanted to highlight some of the new blocks that will be arriving with the new Corporation.

Space Junkers Chainslicer

The Chainslicer

For those times you need to tear something apart with relentless precision - Introducing The Chainslicer!

Space Junkers Cog Jammer

The Cog Jammer

The Space Junkers Cog Jammer is perfect for locking down those pesky enemies who you just can't seem to get your hands on. Harnessing "Bubble Protection Technology" it creates a localised zone that disrupts the rotation or turning of any machinery unlucky enough to get caught in it's area of effect. It does require battery power to use.

The Rubble Runner

Born from the Wastelands, these somewhat-round all-rounders are purpose built to triumph over the demanding terrains of TerraTech.

Space Junkers Harpoon

The Harpoon

The quintessential tool of the Space Junkers! Rip Blocks straight off enemy Techs to use for your own gains. Just make sure you're not harpooning Blocks off your own Tech!

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