TerraTech Development Update

Hello Prospectors! We’ve been very busy lately with various different secrets, but here’s one we’ve been working on that we’re very excited to share with you… Have you heard of a little thing called ‘co-op crafting’? 😮 Before we get into that, however, we’d like to thank everyone who answered our recent player survey. The … Read more

Circuits & Systems Release Notes – Update 1.5

Hey Prospectors, Circuits & Systems is available NOW! There are loads of Logic, Signal, Value, and Output Blocks to tinker with and build some awesome Techs. https://youtu.be/fXf8EN9Cj6I New Blocks: Reticule Research Spotlight Reticule Research Anchored Ramp The following blocks have been graduated from R&D Labs to the Main Game: Reticule Research Black Wire Reticule Research … Read more