Tech of the Week – Hall of Fame

Hey Prospectors,

Matt here with something new to show you. I’m super excited to introduce you to the Tech of the Week Hall of Fame!

So what is this all about? You may or may not know that every week we pick a Tech from the Steam Workshop to be Tech of the Week. There is now over 100 Tech of the Weeks so we thought it would be fun to get our TerraTech Discord server to vote on all these Techs to see what makes it into the TerraTech Tech of the Week Hall of Fame. We then take the Top 10 Techs from this list and that makes the Tech of the Week Hall of fame. Simple!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Tech of the Week Hall of Fame!

First up is Froggy. A strong fan favorite and curated by our very own Discord moderator ZugBug. Just look at how lovely it is.

Next, it’s ethereal spring water’s Scorpion Armed Gunship. Inspired by the Avatar franchise (the one with blue aliens) there’s enough firepower to flatten any tree of souls.

Then we have K’s Tyrannosaurus. More at home in a museum than in a planetary prospecting operation this prehistoric piece is dino-mite!

Next, we have Dumbass’ Daedalus. In their own words “This is not truly meant for a knock-down drag-out fight, but instead to hover above raining down fire with impunity should the need arise.” Great stuff!

taro’s CR90 corvette 02 is surprisingly dinky. But don’t let its size fool you. This thing packs a punch!

Are you looking for a craft that can takeoff AND land vertically? Well, look no further than uniform_sierra’s VTOL Fighter Jet!

Then it’s the Highway to the Dangerzone for MulsannePM88L71’s Hellcat mkx.

IIIPetrovichIII’s Dragon is agile, elegant, and MIGHTY, just like its namesake. It doesn’t breathe fire though. Which is a shame.

You’ll need these things in order to use Kanakana’s Aircraft Carrier:

  • More processing power than NASA (it’s BIG!).
  • The patience of a saint (it’s slow).
  • The ability to appreciate things that are awesome (it’s really AWESOME)

And finally, we have Orokinai’s T65 XWingStarfighter. Using the di-gin wings to great effect, this thing could bring down a death star or two.

So there you have it! As we select more Tech of the Weeks this list is going to change so we’ll update this blog post every few months with the updated Techs. Make sure you join the TerraTech Discord so you can vote on which Techs you’d like to see in the Tech of the Week Hall of Fame.

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