TerraTech Development Update

Hello Prospectors!

We’ve been very busy lately with various different secrets, but here’s one we’ve been working on that we’re very excited to share with you… Have you heard of a little thing called ‘co-op crafting’? 😮

Before we get into that, however, we’d like to thank everyone who answered our recent player survey. The feedback was really useful and while some of it was things you’ve already been telling us, it was really helpful for us to have it all in one place.

And it was also really interesting to see that thousands of you are still interested in co-op crafting. Well, we listened – and we’re really excited to tell you that we can finally make co-op crafting a reality. It hasn’t been an easy job, but we think we’ve got it.

That’s right – co-op crafting is officially coming to TerraTech.

Before you get too excited, we’d just like to note that this means the co-op crafting blocks are coming to multiplayer, but not all the missions (for example, the Crafty Mike missions won’t be available) – although this is something we’ll look at further down the line! While it might not be the full experience, we’re confident it’s exciting enough that it’ll be a real game-changer for the multiplayers among us.

So get ready for the next Steam update for TerraTech – coming the week of 10 July (although as always, development is subject to change). Not only will this include co-op crafting, but it’ll also introduce Circuits & Systems into multiplayer! 

So let your friends know and get your party together, because the TerraTech Multiplayer Update is on its way! As well as co-op crafting and C&S multiplayer, we’ll have some smaller multiplayer changes, so keep an eye out for the patch notes to learn more.

And for console players, your next update will be soon. It won’t include co-op crafting or Circuits & Systems, but we’re still working on getting those out to you, and we’ll let you know when we have a set date.

And as for some of the other survey topics – all we have to say is, watch this space

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