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Share your Techs with Twitter

TerraTech allows you to share your vehicle designs with friends via Twitter. Here’s how it works. 

You’ve built some awesome Techs and can now share them for other TerraTech players to admire and try out. Or you’ve seen other players’ Techs and want to try them out for yourself. Here’s how you do it.

To share your Techs via Twitter, click on the camera button to take a snapshot of your Tech, give your Tech a name, then click on the Tweet This button to send your Tech out as a tweet. Follow the onscreen instructions to link TerraTech to your Twitter account.

To try out other players’ Techs, there are two main options.

In various game modes, there’s the option to “Load From Community.” This will display a list of all valid Techs tweeted in the past week that are valid for the game mode you’re in.

You can also search Techs in Twitter to download Tech snapshots and copy them into your game folder. In Twitter, search for #myTerraTech. Then save the image of Techs in the tweets (The image file should be PNG. Some tweets have JPGs for some reason and won’t work).

But there’s more…

With the latest updates to TerraTech, there’s also another good reason why we’d encourage you to hook up your Twitter account to 
your adventure on the off world: You’re getting more game for your money.

Linking up your Twitter account not only allows you to easily take a snapshot of your creations and share them with the world – now a staple for our biggest fans – but doing so now also means you can dispatch specific vehicles to pop up in other people’s games.


The invasion system allows you to send off your Techs to take on rival players. Every vehicle you share on the social network (using the game’s built in tools) will then automatically start popping up in other people’s games, taking them on while you’re doing the washing up. Or sat on the bus. Or, dare we say it, while you’re wrapped up in your own game on TerraTech.

We also now have a process in place for us to manually review and promote the best invaders to be included in the preloaded set of population Techs that can spawn in player’s main game, too. So if they are deemed ‘good invaders’, they have a chance of living on permanently in the game.

As a result, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the TerraTech universe, feel free to plug the game into your Twitter account to let your Tech start taking on the world lovingly crafted by our development team while you get on with living in the real one.

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